Irrespective of whether you are living in your own country or traveling as an expat, the internet is an essential requirement. It can be quite tricky to find the right internet providers since there are a lot of options on the market. We have selected the best internet providers in the Netherlands. You can easily sign-up for your preferred internet provider online

The best internet deals in the Netherlands

Internet provider


t-mobile internet provider

Package: Internet Fast

      € 30 per month
      € 30 setup fee
      Max 100 Mbit/s downloads speed
      Max 30 Mbit/s upload speed
      12 month contract
      Internet only

How to find the best internet deal

Broadband packages today are diversely created to cater to the needs of all users. There are a lot of criteria to keep in mind for that. Starting from package, speed, cost, and contract length, all these together play an essential role and are a vital decision-making factor too.

When it comes to choosing broadband packages for expats, you can look at the deals offered by the above/below mentioned websites. All the plans on the sites mentioned above are specially curated for users according to their usability. One thing is for sure all beginners who are new to buying broadband plans shall start small and gradually move their way up. It is because once you start using the broadband package, only then can you understand the package well. Also, before finalizing any deal, make sure that you are taking into account all your requirements. For example, if you want the internet only for checking emails and browsing through Youtube, then a standard package with maximum speed will do the trick.

Other than that, if you need broadband packages for watching Netflix or for your business meetings, then opting for a higher package is essential.

Featured internet deals

Internet provider
Specifications internet provider

Package: Standaard internet

      € 36 per month
      € 0 setup fee
      Max 100 Mbit/s downloads speed
      Max 30 Mbit/s upload speed
      12 month contract
      Internet only


kpn internet provider

Package: Sneller Internet

      € 35 per month
      € 25 setup fee
      Max 100 Mbit/s downloads speed
      Max 10 Mbit/s upload speed
      12 month contract
      Internet only


ziggo internet provider

Package: Internet Max

      € 39.95 per month
      € 0 setup fee
      Max 250 Mbit/s downloads speed
      Max 25 Mbit/s upload speed
      12 month contract
      Internet & TV


Youfone internet provider

Package: Internet 50Mbit/s

      € 24 for 9 months, after that 31 p/m
      € 20 setup fee
      Max 50 Mbit/s downloads speed
      Max 10 Mbit/s upload speed
      12 month contract
      Internet only

Internet speed (download vs. upload)

In the world of speed, internet, broadband, and fiber, we have often come across a word known as megabits. To put it down in a fundamental way, megabits are how the internet’s total speed is measured.

Today as most people opt for working from home also, broadband speed is something which shall be up to date. If the internet speed isn’t fast enough, there can be an expected delay in the connection and other issues. On the flip side, if the broadband speed is fast enough, then working becomes smooth and crisp. For a more detailed understanding, we have divided the speed requirements according to your need and people.

For people living alone or just with one extra person, your needs can be met by T-mobile, Youfone, and online internet. The internet speed provided by both these companies is around 50-100 megabits per second and thus is best for users who need a basic package plan.

If you are someone who has large internet needs like watching OTT platforms or attending business conferences online, then it is mandatory to pick a larger plan. You can check the internet Max plan by Ziggo, which has 250 megabits per second.

Other than that, there are other things to consider when taking Broadband speed:

  • Home Layout: the arrangement of your furniture and nearby electronic equipment can disrupt the broadband signal. Try placing the router close to the center of the home to ensure the best signal coverage.
  • Multiple Connected Devices: connecting more than one device may disrupt the speed. If users are simply browsing, then the speed is unlikely to get affected. But for any reason, if people are watching movies or videos, then broadband speed can reduce.

Internet speed in the Netherlands

For most of us, broadband speed is the deciding factor when we are zeroing on the internet package. It is one of the most ubiquitous things. But before taking a nosedive, it is essential to know how much the broadband speed cost and what speed could I get?

With social distancing norms getting stricter, it is essential to get the best broadband speed depending on your needs. Take into account all the necessary usage like YouTube streaming, movie downloads, business conferences connection, games, and online calls. This will help you keep a tab on your usage, and then you can further decide on the overall speed.

A good broadband speed for all the usage mentioned above is around 100-250 Megabits per second. However, this is for one device if you live with other people, and then check other plans which provide up to 500 megabits per second.

Dutch internet providers available in your area

Before validating this point, it is essential to check the area that you are located in. This step is crucial as it helps to determine what kind of internet package is available in the area.
You can even settle for DSL, fiber, and other cable connections for your need apart from broadband. However, before settling for any internet package, you need to find out what are the best providers available locally.

Thankfully for you, this is made easy with the sites like Online Internet, Ziggo, T-Online, and Youfone. The best part of all these internet providers is that they let you do a postcode check to get a hang of the connection. All these help you to decide on the best internet provider in the Netherlands for you.

Switching internet providers

It is pretty common for broadband providers to hike when a user sticks around for more than a long time. Most people do not realize it, but if you are sticking to the same old internet provider, there is a chance that prices must have increased significantly.

Thus, it is essential to switch broadband connections after some time to get the best broadband deal. If you are an expat living in the Netherlands, then you can easily switch the broadband providers.

Most big companies like T Mobile, Online Internet, Ziggo, and Youfone operate on the same network, and hence it is effortless to make the big switch. But before doing that, kindly make sure to take an update on few things mentioned below:

  • Compare the existing broadband packages with the new ones.
  • Check for the operators in the area you live.
  • Finally, contact the provider you want to switch to.

FAQ about internet providers in the Netherlands

Using a comparison site for getting the best internet provider always acts in your favor. Through these sites, you can easily check for other providers and compare pricing and plan easily.

Many websites like Breedband winkel provide an unbiased review of the internet providers in the Netherlands. One of the prime reasons for using the site is that they provide personalized options that suit you.

Also, these sites come with a telephone customer service line number. Now all you have to do is to give them a call, and they will take your hassles away. From comparing the pricing to giving you the best service providers, these sites do all the hard work for you.

A penny saved is indeed a penny earned. Therefore, if you are not happy with the way your internet usages are turning out, try making specific changes to lower the internet bill.

The first and essential step is to start by buying your modem and router. This will save up the rental costs of most service providers and help you save money.

The second step is to lower the speed and then bundle the services. And the last step is to go for the best plan according to your needs. In this way, you can easily save up a lot by making some minimal changes.

Yes, you can opt for fiber broadband in the Netherlands. This however depends on where you live in the Netherlands. Fiber broadband using Fiber to the premises or FTTP is the most used broadband connection today. This type of connection is unaffected by distance and directly gets connected to your home or building.

To get a fiber connection in your home, it is mandatory first to check if the service providers are giving the same in your area. This will help you get a brief idea about the type of internet connections available in the area, and then you can opt for the best fiber plan.

Now, this is an important point of discussion. Most of the time, it is seen that just because broadband advertises the requisite speed doesn’t mean the end customer gets that.

Thus, to check the speed of your internet connection, speed tests are mandatory. There are various online sites today where you can test the speed of your net. This will help you make an informed decision before signing up for a deal with the company.

Also, when you are testing the speed, try closing all other tabs and then test. Most of the time, reputed companies like T-Mobile, Online Internet, and even Youfone provide the displayed speed, but to be double sure, it is important to check the speed.

Whenever you are planning to move to the Netherlands, there is a list of broadband package providers worth checking out. These four names are the biggest in the whole sector and thus are always opted by everyone.

Let us check them out.

  • T-Mobile: whenever anyone thinks of taking a broadband connection in Netherland, T-Mobile is one of the names that automatically strike the mind. The company is best at providing a variety of packages and is also customer-friendly. The packages are specifically curated for all users and hence are moderately priced for the convenience of users.
  • Ziggo: Ziggo is another big name in the sector of internet connection in the Netherlands. The company also provides telephone service along with broadband. Along with being one of the relatively new companies on the radar, Ziggo has slightly expensive packages for the users, but the speed is unmatched.
  • Online Internet: Online Internet is one of the oldest players and also one of the cheapest. The moderately-priced plans are a better option for you and have the best speed available. If you are someone with standard internet usage, then this plan could work well for you.
  • Youfone: Youfone walks away with the cake by being one of the best internet providers in the Netherlands. The company provides top-notch customer service and also has an unmatched speed, which makes them trustworthy for all people.