While many of us enjoy a good internet service in our home, many find it challenging to access the web when relocating abroad. Here in the blog below, we will discuss why you shall consider Online.nl connection when moving to the Netherlands.

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Online.nl internet in the Netherlands

Reasons why you should choose Online.nl

If you are an expat or planning to move to the Netherlands, then you can opt for the fastest and the most reliable Internet services from Online.nl. In addition to offering reliable Internet packages, you also get access to lucrative Internet, TV, and calling services. Moreover, the packages offered by Online.nl are highly cost-effective and look after your specific Internet requirements. You can customize the packages as per your preferences.

Online.nl allows you to choose from a reputed fiber optic or DSL connection –based on your address. The maximum Internet speed using this service provider that the users can enjoy is 100Mb/s upload & download speed. When you go for the optic fiber option, the speed increases to 200Mb/s. In the Internet package by Online.nl, you also get access to the free Wi-Fi modem on a loan basis. You can also consider using three e-mail boxes featuring the free virus and spam protection capability.

Do you wish to experience interactive TV? The basic package of Internet & TV from Online.nl features interactive TV featuring specifications like Video on Demand, Missed TV, recording & pausing interactive sports channels, and so more. At the same time, you also get the opportunity to watch TV on all possible screens with the help of the TV app by Online.nl. If you want to include more channels, you can opt for the Entertainment HD Package or any one of the 3 premium channel packages.

When you opt for the all-in-one package, you are given access to the KPN network. You also have access to the free switching service along with a 100 percent installation guarantee. You will receive free telephonic line along with a free Wi-Fi modem and the fastest speed.