Get a reliable and fast internet connection that offers remarkable services at a reasonable price. If you have multiple devices that are to be connected to the same high-speed network that has a high bandwidth, then Youfone is your best bet. The company offers both DSL and Fiber networks across Netherland. No matter where you are based and how many devices you need to connect to the internet, Youfone offers a seamless connectivity option. They offer internet with a speed of 1000 Mbit / s, giving you a perfect opportunity to use reliable and a high-speed network at your convenience.

Youfone makes it easy for you to switch your network easily. You can cancel your current plan and switch to the DSL or Fiber connection in simple steps. There is nothing to worry about, as they help set up everything smoothly for you. Below we have listed the three popular packages you get from Youfone internet. Let’s check them out:

Youfone internet in the Netherlands

The packages explained

Internet package 30 Mbit/s
If you are looking for a flexible and high-speed internet connection available for a decent price, then Internet 30 is your best bet. As the name suggests, the package comes with an internet speed that starts from 30 Mbit / s. In addition to a speedy internet connection, you get a free Wi-Fi modem and flexible switching services with a 100% quick installation guarantee.

Internet package 50 Mbit/s
It is yet another great option for large families that have multiple devices that need a strong and fast internet connection. Internet 50 is available at €31 per month, but there is an intro plan for beginners. The internet speed is great and you could enjoy an uninterrupted connection no matter how many devices you use. However, the quality of the network will be affected by your location. Get a reliable and fast KPN internet from Youfone and enjoy seamless connectivity.

Internet package 100 Mbit/s
If you need internet for a commercial building or a large area, then consider getting your current network switched to the Internet 100 package offered by Youfone Netherland. The package covers varying internet speeds from both DSL and Fiber networks. We offer quick installation services, so you don’t have to worry about switching your connection. The internet speed in this package costs €32 per month. Like other packages mentioned above, you get the intro offer that is available for just €25 per month.

Bottom Line
Youfone has different plans available for customers based in different locations in the Netherland. You could select from Fiber or DSL connection. It will be delivered to your address and they will handle the setup part.